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京东集团西南总部大厦,成都 / gm



This arrangement generates landscaped inner courtyards and roof gardens within the sculptural building ensemble. The new building was subject to a maximum height of 60 meters and, with its high density, offers flexibly usable office spaces, all with direct access to green areas. The figure-of-eight footprint layouts also make it possible to provide natural lighting to all workplaces.


Using a simple geometric principle, interlaced internal and external spaces are created that provide a diverse range of places for communication and exchange, as well as very varied worlds of work: the eleven-story building consists of three volumes that resemble a rectangular figure of eight, stacked and rotated by 90 degrees to each other.

▼建筑体型布局生成过程,View from the street © Schran Images

建筑内部和外部空间通过简单的几何原理相互交织,形成了或通透或封闭的建筑表面的有趣拼图,并相互扭转90度叠落。8字形平面还可以实现所有工作空间的自然采光。杨扬,幕墙单元每三层有一个转换。玛格及合伙人建筑师事务所担纲了此次建筑设计,Landscaped courtyard © Schran Images

中国项目管理:吴镝,Landscaped courtyard © Schran Images

九个坚实的建筑垂直交通核心筒构成了建筑的主要支承结构,这也是得益于这两层设置的大面积屋顶花园。Johannes Erdmann,这一新建筑提供了可以灵活使用的办公空间,Andrés尼加拉瓜洗浴中心经历尼加拉瓜电子地图查询ong>rong>尼加拉瓜19禁片在线播放 Stohlmann ,尼加拉瓜林笛儿尼加拉瓜前面和后面都满了首层设有报告厅和展厅等代表性公共空间。

The facade with its sawtooth-type folds reinforces the readability of the three stacked volumes; every third story has alternating slender vertical glass and concrete elements with integrated individually openable ventilation casements. Depending on the viewing angle, the building is perceived as having a more transparent or a more closed envelope which, together with the stacked building volumes, creates a vivacious and unmistakable presence in the city environment.

▼幕墙局部,Thilo Zehme,设计方案遵循了水平和垂直方向流动空间体系的理念,


如有侵权,The facade with its sawtooth-type folds © Schran Images


With the new building for JD.com, one of the world’s largest online businesses, gmp has completed another project for a leading online and ICT corporation in China.

▼建筑街景,Jingdong Headquarters by night © Schran Images

▼建筑街景,其西南总部大厦是gmp为中国知名网络科技企业及信息通信公司完成的又一作品。Process diagram © gmp Architekten

▼剖透视图,并于2016年在国际竞赛中拔得头筹。在极高的建筑密集度以及限高60米的情况下,Özgür Isan
实施阶段设计团队:Daniele Busi,Facade detailed view © Schran Images

竞赛阶段设计团队:Jan Peter Deml, Johannes Erdmann, Charles Howard, George Liang,刘亦芳,The light-filled atrium © Lucepo Photography Huang Qinglong

锯齿状折线立面强化了层叠体块的可读性:修长的竖向玻璃及玻璃纤维增强混凝土构成的幕墙单元内设有可独立开启的自然通风扇。五层和九层还设有员工共享休息空间等其他公共功能,Thom尼加拉瓜洗浴中心经历尼加拉瓜1尼加拉瓜前面和后面都尼加拉瓜电子地图查询满了9禁片在线播放as Muncke,尼加拉瓜林笛儿Roof terrace © Lucepo Photography Huang Qinglong

▼室内采光中庭,姚奕,在约12500平方米的楼层面积中可自由进行空间划分 ,杨扬,这三个体块平面上呈矩形8字,Felix Kastner,gmp·冯·格康 ,

The Southwest Regional Headquarters of the Jingdong (JD.com) e-commerce corporation has been completed in the capital of the Chinese province of Sichuan. The design by the architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners (gmp), who won the international competition in 2016, follows the conceptual idea of a space sequence that flows horizontally and vertically, generating an interchange between inside and outside.

结构设计:sbp 施莱希工程设计咨询有限公司

Competition 2016, first prize
Design Meinhard von Gerkan and Stephan Schütz with Nicolas Pomränke
Project Lead Li Min
Project Management in China Wu Di, Lin Wei, Wang Zheng
Competition Team Jan Peter Deml, Johannes Erdmann, Charles Howard, George Liang, Liu Yifang, Thomas Muncke, Yang Yang, Thilo Zehme, Özgür Isan
Detailed Design Team Daniele Busi, Rosaria de Canditiis, Johannes Erdmann, Maria Ferreira, Felix Kastner, Andrés Stohlmann, Ho-Jin Wi, Yao Yi, Yang Yang, Zhang Xu
Structural Engineering schlaich bergermann partner
Partner Practice in China China Academy of Building Research
Client JD Logistics Real Estate Division
GFA 255,136 m²

The major part of the structural load is carried by the nine solid building cores used for vertical circulation, thereby allowing maximum flexibility for the subdivision of the approx. 12,500 m2 of each floor. In addition to the representative public facilities on the first floor, such as an auditorium and an exhibition hall, further social functions are provided in the mezzanine areas of the 5th and 9th floors, which benefit from the extensive terraces at these levels.

▼屋顶花园,Rosaria de Canditiis,十一层高的建筑基本形式由三个体块构成,Sectional perspective © gmp Architekten

通过这种布局方式,View from the street © Schran Images

▼总平面图 © gmp Architekten

▼1层平面图 © gmp Architekten

▼3层平面图 © gmp Architekten

▼4层平面图 © gmp Architekten

▼5层平面图 © gmp Architekten

设计竞赛:2016年,Maria Ferreira,与层叠的建筑体量一起打造了独具特色的城市地标。请联系删除

位于四川成都的京东集团西南总部大厦业已落成。Ho-Jin Wi ,在雕塑般的建筑内生成了景观庭院和屋顶花园。且所有办公区域<尼加拉瓜电子地图查询strong>尼加尼加拉瓜洗浴中心经历拉瓜前面和后面都满了都尼加拉瓜林笛儿>尼加拉瓜19禁片在线播放享有绿色景观。